Fort Myers/Estero Sales Lot                               

19561 South Tamiami Trail, Fort Myers, FL 33908 


View our used RVs on the the lot but if we do not have what you are looking for, it is our job to find you the exact RV or camping trailer you want at a price that is unbeatable. From high end luxury diesel pushers to entry level tent campers.  View our models online or on the lot.

Custom Golf Carts & Service

Golf Carts  and Custom Golf Carts for sale, we can customize your cart, paint your cart, sales and service, parts and accessories, maybe just clean it up or build you from scratch.  

Golf Cart Rental

Do not want to own a Golf Cart then we have the solution.  Rent from us and take the worry out of maintaining, servicing and storing.


Finding the right mobile home mover can be a bit tricky. Mobile homes offer great affordability and convenience but they are not as easy to move as most people think. You cannot just hook up a mobile home and pull it like you can a camper. We are a licensed New and Used Mobile Home Dealer in the South Eastern States with Sales Lots in Central and South West Florida. Whether you buy your home through us or another company, or have an existing home which you need to move, we offer a transportation service.  
Contact us for quotes or to discuss your specific needs.



Setting Up your new home regards the services from legal installation contractors.  We at Mobile Homes USA can set you up with contractors who are licensed, insured and bonded.  Steps that happen when the home is moved to your lot.  A cement, shell rock or direct pad is installed. The mobile home set up crew will physically jack the home up, level it and build the piers the frame will rest on.  Then inside your new home you’re going to need a “Trim-out crew”, and a contractor to hook up the “Plumbing”,  You have to have water coming into the home and water flushing and draining out. “Air Conditioning” and “Heat” will need to be installed.  After the first inspection is completed the “Skirting or Brick Foundation”.